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Bitcoin Faces Tough Hurdles to Overcome Resistance Level

Bitcoin Faces Tough Hurdles to Overcome Resistance Level


  • Bitcoin struggles to surpass the $30,270-$32,150 resistance with 770K addresses buying 360K BTC.
  • The $29,330-$30,200 support holds strong with 700K addresses buying 390K BTC.
  • Caution is advised as the next key support is at $27,600-$28,450 if $29,330-$30,200 breaks.

According to popular analyst and trader Ali (@ali_charts), Bitcoin‘s ongoing struggle to break the $30,270-$32,150 resistance level has caught the attention of many crypto enthusiasts. Recent data suggests a whopping 770K addresses have bought 360K BTC at this crucial point, which is making it a tough hurdle for Bitcoin bulls to overcome.

However, the good news, according to Ali, is that the $29,330-$30,200 support level has held strong, with 700K addresses already purchasing 390K BTC. This positive development indicates a strong buying sentiment among investors, which is crucial for Bitcoin’s overall stability in the market.

Despite this, caution is advised by the analyst as the next key support level is at $27,600-$28,450, should the $29,330 support level break. In light of this development, analysts and traders alike are closely monitoring the situation, with many speculating on the future of Bitcoin in the market.

Bitcoin’s recent struggles to break through the $30,270-$32,150 resistance level have led many to question the future of the cryptocurrency. Some investors have expressed concern that Bitcoin may be losing its momentum, while others remain optimistic that it will eventually break through this key resistance level.

Bitcoin’s recent battle with the $30,270-$32,150 resistance level has highlighted the complex nature of the crypto market. While there remain challenges and potential risks to consider, investors should approach the situation with a balanced perspective, recognizing both the potential rewards and the potential risks.

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