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DeSantis Promises to Protect Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

© Alpha Footage DeSantis Promises to Protect Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies


  • Ron DeSantis assured to protect the rights of crypto investors if he is elected as the US President.
  • In a Twitter space with Elon Musk, he addressed 520,000 viewers and promised to hold their crypto interests.
  • DeSantis criticized the regulators and Biden, claiming that another four years of Biden’s administration would kill BTC.

Ron DeSantis, the Floridan Republican Governor, and the US Presidential candidate advocated safeguarding Bitcoin, assuring to protect the rights of individuals to hold and trade cryptocurrencies if he is elected as the US President.

During a Twitter space with the American entrepreneur Elon Musk and the venture capitalist David Sacks, DeSantis promised more than 520,000 live audiences to support them hold their every right for being a crypto trader, adding that crypto is a case of civil liberties. He affirmed that he would “protect the ability to do things like Bitcoin,” as a President.

DeSantis strongly criticized the US regulators who restrict the development of digital currencies, claiming:

The only reason these people in Washington don’t like it is because they don’t control it. And they’re central planners, and they want to have control over society. And so Bitcoin represents a threat to them.

As a governor, DeSantis has proposed to ban the central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to protect consumers. According to DeSantis, CBDCs would hinder innovation and promote authoritarian surveillance.

The stringent rules of US regulators have been long known to suffocate the crypto interest of investors. In a recent interview, Michael Saylor, the co-founder of MicroStrategy, said that the treatment of Bitcoin as an indefinite and intangible asset is a drawback of the conservative regulatory system.

The tech-related Twitter account Moe, retweeted the words of DeSantis:

Moe’s tweet concentrated on the Presidential candidate’s criticism of President Joe Biden’s regime which deliberately controls Bitcoin, accusing that if the administration continues for another four years, “they’ll probably end up killing it [BTC]”.

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