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Is it possible to buy a car much cheaper with Euauservice?

Is it possible to buy a car much cheaper with Euaucars?

The most important thing for the buyer is the condition of the car. In the case of European auction cars, this depends on the source from which the cars come to auction. As in any developed country, in European countries, private owners, enterprises and firms – owners of various kinds of car fleets, car rental companies, and in addition – insurance agencies and leasing companies sell cars through auctions.

Just cars on lease, as a rule, are purchased by buyers who are well versed in cars of the secondary market. These cars have a low age corresponding to the original mileage, a history of service exclusively in the dealer service and, in general, a completely transparent past. Strictly speaking, this characteristic set of qualities can be explained by the very essence of leasing.

For example, some auctions sell exclusively leased cars and some only sell test-drive cars.

Why use European Auction Car Service?

European cars have been holding the title of the most stylish, reliable and durable not only in Europe but also in the world for almost a century. Indeed, who wouldn’t want to own a Porsche racing coupe, a BMW SUV or a Mercedes executive sedan?

Models of the German car industry were not distinguished by low prices, especially those presented in the premium segment. Therefore, it is expected that many will consider the secondary market as an alternative direction of search.

If you read reviews of Euauservice, you will know that used cars can be purchased at even better conditions, but for this it is worth enlisting the help of specialized specialists. What is it about?

Cars from auctions

It turns out that in the segment of European used cars there is a separate segment of cars from auctions of legal entities. Usually these are not budget models, but supercars, luxury crossovers and sedans, which are not always sold in ordinary salons.

First of all, these are car leasing companies that have been used by corporate clients for several years. This is also a car after test drives, which is sold by authorized dealers. These are cars after promotions (usually they are pasted over with a film).

Despite the fact that the actual mileage of such cars may be small, and the condition of the equipment and interior is excellent, they are sold cheaper than the market. According to the company, the total savings can be up to 40% compared to the cost of similar vehicles in the regular market.

Additional Benefits

As you know, buying a good car in Europe is half the battle. It still needs to be delivered to your city, observing all the necessary bureaucratic nuances and not forgetting about customs duties.

Euauservice notes that due to the reduced purchase price, as well as due to the passage of a car through customs according to one or another European catalog, a reduction in the amount of the corresponding duty is possible. After all, it is the duty at the border that often makes up a significant part of the cost of a car bought abroad.

In addition, the company’s specialists take upon themselves the preparation of documents and the solution of related issues so that the client, being in his city, does not waste time and nerves on the remote settlement of paper affairs. After the vehicle arrives at the client’s address, the buyer also receives assistance in registering the vehicle.

Separately, the company notes payment schemes that are aimed at ensuring that the buyer is calm for his purchase. There are installment and installment payment options.

At any time, the client can control at what stage of the shipment his car is and where he is physically located along the route. Delivery times depend on the destination, but on average they are 14 days.

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