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Rep. Davidson Files to Remove Ripple-Hunting SEC Chair Gensler

Rep. Davidson Files to Remove Ripple-Hunting SEC Chair Gensler

  • The SEC is drawing attention from more than just crypto companies.
  • Rep. Davidson is filing legislation to try and fire SEC chair Gensler and restructure the organization.
  • The SEC has been criticized for its unrestricted enforcement over the crypto space since FTX fell in November 2022.

SEC chairperson Gary Gensler has raised the hackles of the crypto community once again as his governmental agency is attempting to redefine what an ‘exchange’ is to broaden its jurisdiction, as outlined in an April 14 statement. But not just the crypto community views this as an overreach.

United States Representative Warren Davidson has taken aim at Gensler by introducing legislation to remove the chairman while restructuring the role to have an Executive Director that reports to a Board rather than an all-powerful chairman….

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