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Tu-95MS Strategic Bombers Conduct Air Patrols

Tu-95MS bomber on patrol in the Russian Far East, Wednesday, February 15, 2023. Screengrab of Russian Defense Ministry video.InternationalIndiaAfricaMOSCOW (Sputnik) – The crews of two Russian strategic missile carriers Tu-95MS have conducted planned patrol flights over the neutral waters of the Bering and Okhotsk Seas as part of a sudden inspection of the Pacific Fleet’s combat readiness, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday. “As part of a sudden inspection of the combat readiness of the Pacific Fleet, part of the Aerospace Forces and support units, two Tu-95MS strategic missile carriers performed a scheduled flight in the airspace over the neutral waters of the Bering and Okhotsk Seas,” the ministry said in a statement.The Tu-95 is a strategic bomber and missile platform developed by the Soviet Union. It has four turboprop engines and can carry nuclear or conventional weapons up to 15,000 km. The Tu-95 has been in service with the Russian Air Force since 1956 and underwent several upgrades over the years.



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